Company Info

AIM Electronics, Inc. is a multi-faceted business, incorporated 1985 in Minnesota. The three divisions of AIM Electronics are: 1) Sales: Scoreboards, Message/Video Displays and Other Sport Facility Products; 2) Service: Scoreboards, Message/Video Displays and Danfoss Drives: Installation and Sales; and 3) Industrial Equipment.

The SALES division – scoreboards, message/video displays and other sport facility products is a manufacturer’s representative for Daktronics, a leader in sports facility scoring, timing equipment, sound systems and commercial message/video displays. AIM Electronics also sells other sports facility equipment from other manufacturer’s to help meet our customers needs. This equipment includes scorer’s tables, logo chairs and mats. AIM Electronics sales staff is very knowledgeable of the products they represent.

The SERVICE division – scoreboards, message/video displays and Danfoss drives – has factory trained technicians that will service, repair, or install Daktronics products. The technicians will also train customers on the use of their new products. In addition to Daktronics, AIM Electronics technicians also service and repair other manufacturers’ scoring equipment such as Nevco and Fairplay. AIM Electronics technicians’ priority is to have the customer’s equipment ready for that next game or meet. In addition to the sports timing equipment service, this division also installs and sells Danfoss drives.

AIM Electronics, Inc. employees are dedicated, knowledgeable and trained professionals that understand how important the customer is to our business. AIM Electronics sales staff work with the customer from the initial contact through to the completion of the project. AIM Electronics service employees keep up-to-date on the technology and procedures necessary to maintain, service and/or install the products. Response time is a priority with AIM Electronics, Inc.